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Sky High Tech Zone

A virtual dynamic world allowing you to discover Hong Kong in a new perspective through the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.


With sky100 mobile app and the AR card received when visiting sky100, you can take interactive AR photos of yourselves with a mini ICC projected on your palm. What's more? At the Sky High Tech Zone, you can now glide over Hong Kong's skyline and even reach the rainbow or the moon above the giant AR version of ICC projected from the floor.


You can now experience flying up high to 393 metres above sea level with the cutting edge VR technology. After putting on the VR headset and sit in the specially designed VR Chair, you will find yourself suspended in the air, overlooking the beautiful day and night scenery exclusively at sky100! Day-time VR journey allows you to feel the difference in changing weather conditions like getting through the ocean of clouds, admiring the sunset view as it changes according to seasons and even feel the power of the tropical cyclone; while night-time journey amazes visitors with view of the moon over the harbour, spectacular fireworks and light show right in front of you!


With the support of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, sky100 and the acclaimed virtual reality (VR) experience design house TimeLooper are proud to introduce "VR Time Travel: Step into Old Hong Kong" micro films. Cutting-edge VR technology was employed to recreate a 360-degree panorama of classic scenes of Hong Kong, i.e., Hollywood Road crowded with rickshaw pullers in the 1960s, and the neighbourhoods around Kai Tak Airport in the 1980s.

Visitors can instantly 'step into' the old days of Hong Kong to watch up close exciting kung-fu fighting and feel aircraft flying right over your head on the Kowloon rooftops!

Facebook AR Game

Have fun with sky100 Facebook AR Game, and smile!

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