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sky100’s Preventive Anti-Epidemic Measures

Stay vigilant and ensure the safety of all with 10 preventive anti-epidemic measures.

As required by the latest health and safety regulations, sky100 has implemented a series of precautionary measures, including the arrangement of all frontline staff to go for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.  Besides, sky100 also strengthened 10 anti-epidemic measures to curb the virus from spreading.

Before entering sky100:

  1. Recommend guests can purchase tickets online for reservation or use electronic payment channels at Ticket Center.
  2. All guests and staff are required to wear surgical masks throughout their stay in sky100.
  3. Observe personal hygiene. Always keep hands clean. The hand sanitizer provided to clean their hands before entering the premise.

Inside sky100:

  1. A new Smart Disinfection Station is placed at the Main Entrance of sky100 to automatically dispense disinfectant spray to clean and sanitize all guests and staff upon entry.
  2. All handrails of escalators and lift cabins are sanitized every two hours.
  3. All internal surfaces of lift cabins have been applied with a liquid-repelling nano-coating to prevent the growth of germs and viruses.
  4. Daily air disinfection treatment takes place before sky100 opens to the public. During the deck opening hours, AI Housekeeper is deployed to conduct regular air disinfection throughout the observation deck.
  5. Deep cleaning is also conducted three times a day with 1:49 diluted bleach in all public areas of the observation deck. 
  6. Visitor flows will be closely monitored and controlled at all times, including in the lifts and observation deck areas. 
  7. Dispose of the contaminated tissue or rubbish properly

*Friendly reminder: All guests must wear a mask while photo taking at sky100 area. Protect yourselves and protect others.

sky100 will deny entry or stay to any guests who fail to comply with the preventive measures stated above. We understand that these anti-epidemic measures may cause some inconvenience, and we thank visitors for their kind understanding and co-operation.

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