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sky100 Reminisces on 25 Years of Childhood

25 Once-popular Childhood Favourite Toys Land on sky100

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong return to the Motherland China. On this jubilant occasion, sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is launching a series of “sky100 Reminisces on 25 Years of Childhood” celebratory events from 25 July to 18 September with a wide range of exciting toy-themed events and offer packages, inviting everyone to relive those happy childhood moments. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR establishment, sky100 is sharing toy collector’s 25 cool childhood toys from the 60s to the 90s and will exhibit them at Hong Kong’s highest indoor observation deck 393 metres above sea level. Furthermore, sky100 will collaborate with The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage to introduce the story and cultural significance of each toy through texts and videos, helping visitors to understand the cultural evolution of toys. During the event period, sky100 is going to present numerous workshops and dining offers for visitors to bring back those collective memories together and share their fond childhood moments with family and friends this summer!

Remarks: Partial facilitates opens for public at 2PM, please check our opening hours before your arrival. 

25 Once-popular Childhood Favourite Toys Land on sky100

All the exhibited toys are provided by Hong Kong’s renowned toy collector Mr. Ricky Lau, who has over 300 types of Hong Kong-made toys in his collection. The 25 toys selected for this exhibition can help awaken our inner child. The toys will be exhibited in six categories, including group games, animal breeding games, cross-generation, anime, career-oriented and digital entertainment. 

360-degree spinning-top chair and sky kaleidoscope

There used to be at least a store popping up on an average street in Hong Kong. On top of sweets and sodas, a wide variety of inexpensive toys were also available in those stores: the kind of joy we are talking about here costs merely a little more than ten cents. And that includes the kaleidoscope, one of the most popular toys between the 1960s to 70s.

The spinning top is one of the oldest toys of all mankind. In the old days, people carved tops from wood. They were simple in shape and only decorated with paint. 

Paper chatterbox game

Chatterboxes started to appear in England as paper fortune tellers in the 1950s and it propagated from there. Since then the game has been played all over the world, and adapted locally wherever it was played. All you need is just a piece of paper, fold it up and mark the four compass points on each square flap.

Rubber Duck - Your best bath buddy

It floats in the tub at bath time, some squirts water or makes a squeaky ‘quack’ sound when you squeeze, making children laugh with joy in the bath. Squishy rubber ducks became popular in the United States as early as the 1930s and began to be associated with bath time to tempt bath-averse children into the tub for a scrub. 

Hopscotch and Yo-Yo

Hopscotch was invented as a military drill for Roman soldiers clad in full armour to train their balance and footwork. Over the past decades, Hopscotch became popular as a children’s game to build body strength and creativity while having fun.

With a string looped around the axle connected to two disks, this incredibly simple toy can be twisted, whirled, and spun into a myriad of tricks. 

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