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12nd Anniversary

sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck X Local Social Enterprises Launch of Green Life Marketplace and Limited-Time Weekend Creative Low-Carbon Workshops

Leading a busy life, sometimes we wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and savour the simple and slow life.

sky100 partner with a number of local social enterprises to host the highest-located, eco-friendly marketplace – “Surrounding” the Skyline, Savouring the Life” in Hong Kong from 29 April to 28 May. The event will gather six prominent local brands to showcase their select original homemade products, providing a variety of green living options, including specialty coffee, furniture made of natural materials and eco-friendly daily necessities. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of Victoria Harbour at an altitude of 393 meters while strolling around the marketplace. By encouraging everyone to cherish and protect our planet as well as practise green living, it brings support to local social enterprises. In addition, various workshops will be held every weekend in May, allowing you to spend a meaningful low-carbon weekend at sky100 together with your friends and family.

sky100 Eco-friendly Marketplace Opens Door to Local Green Brands

The sky100's Green Life Marketplace will be held from 29 April to 28 May at the observation deck, gathering six local brands to host booths, sell a variety of eco-friendly products, promote green and low-carbon living, as well as advocate environmental protection and regeneration.

H House, which sells various small camping items and provides daily necessities that harmonise with nature; Sync Production, which produces various cute decorations from tree logs, such as wooden puzzles and desk decorations;

Everyone can work to reduce carbon emissions in their daily lives and fulfill their social responsibilities.

Eco-Concepts, which promotes green living and develops environmentally friendly dinnerware; HK Timberbank, which promotes ecological recycling and designs products from recycled wood resources;

Bamboo Toy Car Workshop by Bamboo Generations (Free workshop on 14 May, 10am-7pm)

Bamboo Generations is committed to developing traditional Chinese craftsmanship and promoting sustainable development by the use of environmentally friendly materials. 

With Mother's Day coming on 14 May, Bamboo Generations will hold a bamboo toy car workshop at sky100 on that day.  Children can learn STEM knowledge and make their own toy cars by using their creativity.  Spending quality time with their families, children can take home a unique, green and low-carbon handicraft, being the best gift for expressing gratitude to their mothers.  

Coffee Tasting Experience Days by FAIRTASTE for Free (29 & 30 April; 1, 6 & 7 May 2023, 11am to 7pm)

FAIRTASTE will hold coffee-tasting experience days. Sourcing high-quality organic raw materials from all over the world, FAIRTASTE carries its private label high-quality specialty coffee and is devoted to protecting nature by promoting fair trade and organic food.  Professional baristas will also be on site to share tasting techniques and teach participants how to distinguish the quality of coffee.  The participants can savour life while enjoying coffee with beautiful scenery.

Tasting Authentic Classic Hong Kong Cuisine at Café 100 by The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

Have you ever tried the Hong Kong classic dishes or street food at an altitude of 393 meters? Café 100 by The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong will offer a limited-time menu featuring classic Hong Kong food from 29 April to 28 May 2023, including rich and smooth fragrant milk tea made with a special blend of Rossceutics black orchid tea, pineapple buns with filling of ice cream offering a fusion taste of hot and cold, silky smooth chestnut sago pudding and mango pudding, which have layers of rich flavour but are not too sweet, as well as honey-glazed barbecued pork pastries, which have a perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. Each item is priced from HK$68. Bring your friends and family to Café 100 and enjoy these authentic Hong Kong foods!

Celebrating sky100's 12th Anniversary with Unique Art Display Creations by Social Enterprises

Time flies, the sky 100 Hong Kong Observation Deck has been in operation for 12 years and has been loved and supported by local and overseas tourists, making it one of the most prominent landmarks in Hong Kong and a must-visit destination for tourists visiting Hong Kong.  To celebrate its 12th anniversary, sky100 has specially released three well-designed special edition Hong Kong stamps, incorporating the International Commerce Center (ICC), the Hong Kong skyline and the “12th Anniversary" puzzle into the design, showcasing the superior geographical location of sky100 and the magnificent 360-degree bird's-eye view of Hong Kong and both sides of Victoria Harbour.  In addition to the special edition stamps, the gift shop at sky100 offers a variety of postcards of beautiful scenery.  

Visitors can put their postcards into the bamboo mailbox designed and made by Bamboo Generations, a social enterprise.  sky100 will post your greetings to your designated recipients.  The bamboo mailbox was specially designed by Bamboo Generations for sky100, which not only incorporates the logo of sky100, but also has ingenious patterns at the bottom.  The ingenious design combines modern thinking with traditional craftsmanship, bringing a fresh look to ordinary mailboxes. 

Stamp reference:

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